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Integrative Medicine Center


Premium Luxury Wellness

Holistic health care center Ready to provide services and knowledge for health 

Balancing the body's structure Complete health and beauty care from the inside out.

with modern technology Take care of by experts, safe and up to standards. 

Every course is diagnosed by a doctor. or a detailed multidisciplinary team 

for targeted treatment and meet the needs of customers as much as possible

Postural Correction

Adjust the balance of the body to be in a normal state. Move as you wish.




Heal injuries from sports and deterioration with age By using physical techniques and medical equipment Supervised by a physical therapist To reduce pain and increase movement for patients. for lasting treatment results


Physical Therapy

physical therapy

Medical science that has the ability to analyze and solve abnormal movement problems of the body. By using exercise methods or physical therapy tools.


Thai Traditional Medicine

Applied Thai traditional medicine

Thai traditional medicine It is a body of medical knowledge accumulated from Thai wisdom, applied and continued with medical science. 


The charm of Thai massage is to use the weight of the finger Capture the details you want to highlight with a warm touch. Pass on healing energy to the recipient.


Health and beauty

Aesthetic & Anti-Aging

Beauty from the inside out

With modern technology by expertsaction

Health and beauty


แอดไลด์ หาเราได้เลย 

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